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My Philosophy

   I use an integrative approach in my massage, drawing from a variety of techniques during each session. I aim to provide therapeutic work that can reach deep structures, and help to release patterns of tension and pain whether through deep myofascial techniques, or more subtle energetic therapies. Each modality will resonate with muscular and mental patterns differently, and each session is tailored to your specific needs and requests.

     I enjoy utilizing natural remedies and practices, and offer many of these as an option, or add on service to your massage.

     Please visit "About My Bodywork" to explore various modalities, or to assist you in describing the type of body work that you hope to receive, and what you expect from a session.

Prenatal Massage


     I am licensed as a Massage Therapist in the State of NY, where I lived and worked for over a decade. After studying at the Finger Lakes School of Massage Therapy in Ithaca NY, I was honored to have honed my massage skills at one of Brooklyn 's premier Prenatal Massage businesses, Red Moon Wellness, owned and run by one amazing woman and dear friend. Thousands of prenatal massages later I am still thrilled by what a supportive therapy massage can provide to the perinatal experience.

     It is safe to provide precise, educated, deep therapeutic work during any trimester of pregnancy. There are many physical discomforts that can be addressed with body work, though it is not uncommon that therapists may shy away from addressing these issues, offering deep pressure, or may even turn a client away. Most prenatal massages are performed side-lying and bolstered for support and safety.

     Near the end of your third trimester, I am also able to provide cupping and acupressure to help prepare your body for labor or help stimulate labor if you are past your due date.

     Post-Partum massages are also helpful to restore and rejuvenate the body adjusting to a new routine. You are free to come in for a massage as soon after giving birth as you are ready and are able to bring in your newborn to post-partum appointments up to three months. (Please call and discuss this in advance).  In the case of Cesareans, you are still able to come in for massage as soon as you are ready, and after 4-6 weeks I am also able to provide scar tissue massage and castor oil packs to support healing. 

     I am happy to discuss any concerns or answer questions about prenatal or post-partum massage.

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