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Why SongDog Healing Arts?

Songdog is a is another word for Coyote, and much as it is seen as an unpopular animal in the US, I spent many a night sitting in the attic of a barn listening to their songs, alongside the sounds of the Vermonter,  roll down the valley the Connecticut river cuts through the New England Landscape.  I can think of no better animal to represent the resilience, adaptability and tenacity it takes to survive in our complex world. They are rowdy, intelligent, and and make their home in the wilds of Vermont, as easily as the Parks of Manhattan or L.A.   And no matter what happens, they keep singing in the night.

 Songdogs are tricksters, a disruptor who shakes up the scene, and rebels against conventional rules. They cross boundaries- maybe know no boundaries, are mercurial, and sometimes the fool. 

The path to health is seldom a linear one. But it often takes tenacity, creativity and sometimes the unconventional. Sometimes you go it alone, and sometimes it takes a whole pack. And sometimes you have to take a crooked path to get there.  Sometimes, it takes a songdog.

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