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Holistic Herbal Consultation
Initial sessions are 1.5-2 hours in length, allowing time to gain a clear picture of your health history and current goals. You will receive a personalized health protocol and customized formulations, which can be filled locally, or shipped to you. 
Follow Up sessions can be 30, 0r 45 minutes long depending on your need.
Holistic Massage
Each Session utilizes a variety of techniques and modalities based on your preferences and goals. This can be deep focused work for chronic conditions, or more relaxing, restorative massage for relieving tension and stress. Massage can incorporate essential oils, topical herbals and hot towels as indicated, or desired and discussed with you.
Post-Partum Massage 
Birth Prep Massage

At any point during your perinatal time you are welcome to enjoy a holistic massage based on any additional needs for your perinatal time, and goals for the session.  Mothers are welcome to bring their newborn in during their massage for three months post partum, and I am happy to discuss birth preparation techniques with anyone 37+ weeks.

Note: 30 minute sessions are for focused specific work, and not reccomended for prenatal massages.

In Home Massage
(Holistic, Prenatal, Post Partum, Birth Prep)
           In home services available in 60, 75 and 90 Minutes
Breast Health Massage

Upon request, this is a holistic massage session that includes approximately half of the session time dedicated to breast/chest and upper body structures to facilitate lymphatic drainage, loosen structures and musculature in order to promote lymphatic health or to support recovery from chest surgery.

Cupping Therapy
This traditional treatment applies glass or silicon cups
to the body creating negative pressure that promotes
circulation, activates movement of blood and chi,
stimulates healing, and reduces muscular cramping.
Castor Oil Pack
30 minute Castor Oil Pack added to your massage.
At the end of this session you will spend a relaxing 30 minutes with a
heating pad and can can take your pack home with instruction for re-use.
CBD Oil Massage​

Cbd topicals can be added for an additional $10

Massage Supplies
30 Min - $40
60 min - $75
75 Min - $95
90 Min - $115
60 min - $75
75 Min - $95
90 Min - $115

Initial Session - $105

Follow up 45   - $45

Follow Up 30   - $35

60 min - $115
75 Min - $130
90 Min - $150
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